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Sathya Sai breaks all records

It is with extreme happiness and pride that we convey to you all the outstanding performance of our students of class XII for the session 2013-14! The result has been the best so far in the history of Sathya Sai and our children have outshone all other schools in the city of Indore. You will be happy to know that the Average percentage scored by the school is 87.26 which is the Highest in the city

Main highlights of the result are as under:

Two toppers with 97%  (One in Science and one in Commerce)

 1    Total number of students appeared : 160

95% and above : 20 student

90% and above : 80 students

75%(ie distinction) and above : 141 students

2. The performance of students in English is outstanding with 68 students scoring 95% marks and 113 students scoring above 90% marks out of  160 students.

3. Avani Rathore scored 100 out of 100 in Maths.

Well done children! Well done teachers! Each year we are bettering our previous record!! May Baba bless all..


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