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About us

Mission & Vision

Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar, a premier educational institute in Madhya Pradesh, endeavours towards a holistic education leading to development of an impeccable character and value system on one hand and academic excellence creating powers of analytical examination with creative ability on the other. Here academic brilliance is matched with human and social values.

Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar has cherished, upheld and epitomized the highest ideals and principles enshrined by the Constitution of independent India. The journey of more than four decades has marked with the watchwords, ‘Schooling for Excellence, thus creating an alumnus who is spread globally and has brought great laurels to this institution. While following the deep-rooted philosophy of Sai principles, students are equipped to access the best opportunities of growth and advancement and are also sensitised towards environment concerns. The expanding horizons of technology have worked hand-in-hand with deep commitment to Indian ethos. In its pursuit of providing value education, Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar has rightly earned a place of pride in the field of education today. In its unparalleled dedication to the cause of education, this institution has succeeded in nurturing the spirit of equality, liberty and secularism and imbuing every student who passes through its halls with keen consciousness of our cultural and historical heritage.