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Our school actively contributed in the creation of graphic novels in collaboration with CBSE. Team of teachers and students made 5 graphic novels which are now available on the Diksha portal.

English novel: Prepigma

Maths novel: Mensuration

Social Science novel: Government

Science novel: Food Production

Hindi novel: Sapnon ke se din

These novels use the interplay of text and illustration in a comic strip format to tell a story.
It helps develop and reinforce reading skills, inferencing, grammar, and aids those with learning differences. It allows students to absorb concepts in an easy manner.
The teacher not only explains the content using these novels in a manner which allows the students to grasp concepts but also integrates the content with other subjects enabling students to use them in their daily lives.

Links for Graphic novels on CBSE web site, crafted by SSSVV, Indore teachers